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Patrick McCarthy <[log in to unmask]>
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Fri, 14 Jul 1995 14:04:43 -0700
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Fellow Dickensians:

        Here, following the transmittal of the bibliography for
_Great Expectations_, is the selected list of readings for _Jane
Eyre_, the second of the two novels to be discussed at this year's
Dickens Universe meetings.  Again, it is by no flight of imagination
complete; the particular books and essays were chosen for the purposes
of graduate students and faculty attending the meetings.  Again, we
are grateful to the compilers, our colleagues Hilary Schor and Robert
        May I add that the compilers suggested that a good beginning for
all explorations of fiction in the period remains Kathleen Tillotson's
_Novels of the Eighteen-Forties_, and her discussion of _Jane Eyre_
among the best. (PJM)
Jane Eyre
A Selected Bibliography
The Dickens Universe, 1995

The two best editions of Jane Eyre are the Penguin edition, edited by Q.D.
Leavis (New York, 1985), which we will be using for the summer, and the Norton
Critical Edition, edited by Richard J. Dunn (New York, 1987), which you are
encouraged to consult as well.

Biographical Works
Gaskell, Elizabeth.  The Life of Charlotte Bronte  1857.  Ed. Alan Shelston.
Hammondsworth: Penguin.  1975.
Gerin, Winifred.  Charlotte Bronte: The Evolution of Genius.  New York: Oxford
UP.  1967.
Gordon, Lyndall.  Charlotte Bronte: A Passionate Life.  London: Chatto &
Windus.  1994.
Peters, Margot.  Unquiet Soul: A Biography of Charlotte Bronte.  Garden City:
Wilks, Brian.  The Brontes.  New York: Viking.  1976.

Crump, Rebecca W.  Charlotte and Emily Bronte: A Reference Guide.  3 volumes.
Boston: Hall.  1982-86.
Rosengarten, Herbert J.  "The Brontes" in Victorian Fiction: A Second Guide to
Research, ed. George H. Ford.  New York: MLA.  1978.

Background and Criticism
Allott, Miriam Farris, ed.  The Brontes: The Critical Heritage.  London:
Routledge.  1974.
Armstrong, Nancy.  Desire and Domestic Fiction: A Political History of the
Novel.  New York: Oxford UP.  1987.
Bellis, Peter.  "In the Window-Seat: Vision and Power in Jane Eyre."  ELH 54
(1987), pp 639-52.

Bloom, Harold, ed.  Modern Critical Interpretations: Charlotte Bronte's Jane
Eyre.  New York: Chelsea.  1987.
----  Modern Critical Views: The Brontes.  New York: Chelsea.  1987.
Bodenheimer, Rosemarie.  "Jane Eyre in Search of Her Story," Papers on
Language and Literature 16:4 (1980), pp 387-402.  Reprinted in Charlotte
Bronte's Jane Eyre, Modern Critical Interpretations series, edited by Harold
Chase, Karen.  Eros and Psyche: The Representation of Personality in Charlotte
Bronte, Charles Dickens, and George Eliot.  New York: Methuen.  1984.
DeLamotte, Eugenia C.  Perils of the Night: A Feminist Study of
Nineteenth-Century Gothic.  New York: Oxford UP.  1990.
Donaldson, Laura E.  "The Miranda Complex: Colonialism and the Question of
Feminist Reading."  Diacritics 18 (1988), pp 65-77.
Eagleton, Terry.  Myths of Power: A Marxist Study of the Brontes.  London:
Macmillan.  1975.  Reprinted in Norton Critical Edition of Jane Eyre.
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Women Writers and the Novel of Development.  Columbia: Columbia UP.  1993.
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of Love."  Nineteenth-Century Literature 49 (1995), pp 456-82.
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Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination.  New Haven: Yale UP.
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Joseph Conrad.  Ed. Robert Rathburn et al.  Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P.
1958.  Reprinted in the Norton Critical Edition of Jane Eyre.
Hoeveler, Diane Long and Beth Long, eds.  Approaches to Teaching Bronte`s Jane
Eyre.  New York: MLA.  1993.
Kendrik, Robert.  "Edward Rochester and the Margins of Masculinity in Jane
Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea."  Papers on Language and Literature 30 (1994), pp
Kucich, John.  Repression in Victorian Fiction: Charlotte Bronte, George
Eliot, and Charles Dickens.  Berkeley: U of California P.  1988.

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Modern Language Quarterly 56 (1995), pp 77-105.
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the Text."  ELH 58 (1991), pp 195-213.
Marcus, Sharon.  The Profession of the Author: Abstraction, Advertising, and
Jane Eyre."  PMLA 110 (1995), pp 206-219.
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York: Norton.  1986.
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Victorian Studies 33 (1990), pp 247-68.
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Culture.  New York: Oxford UP.  1992.
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1976.  Reprinted in Norton Critical Edition.
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Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell.  Oxford: Clarendon.  1985.
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and Society."  In Suffer and Be Still: Women in the Victorian Age.  Ed. Martha
Vicinus.  Bloomington: Indiana UP.  1972.
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Mid-Victorian England.  Chicago: Chicago UP.  1988.
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10/73.  Reprinted in the Norton Critical Edition.
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Fatherhood.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP.  1982.
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in Jane Eyre and Great Expectations."  Dickens Quarterly 2 (1985), pp 84-92.

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Imperialism."  Critical Inquiry 12 (1985), pp 243-61.
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College English 37 (1975), pp 383-401.
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