Friends of the Dickens Forum,

     Professor Leon Litvack <[log in to unmask]> is a close student of 
pictures of Dickens
and their photographers.   He tells us first of all that the photograph 
of Dickens, labeled
"The Last Photograph of Dickens," dated June 8, 1870 in the recent post 
on Rosenbach
Dickens holdings, is not the last photograph.

     He has written an essay on Adolphe Naudin and his photograph of 
Dickens, some friends
and family, posed before Gad's Hill.  (Herb Moscovitz recently passed it 
on to us.)  Litvack
discusses the photo at length in the essay which will appear in *The 

     For those of us interested in the supplementary Pilgrim letters 
volume, which will
have letters since found after the 12-volume edition, as well as a 
corrigenda, Litvack
writes that he is the lead editor.   Much work remains and the volume 
"is still some
years off!"   Thank you, Leon.

PJM  Editor, Dickns-l