Friends of the Dickens Forum,

     Mike Quinn writes with what I like to think is a New Yorker's 
We are disposed to agree with him: "Give it a rest."      (pjm)

> Big Surprise! Charles Dickens and Catherine Hogarth Dickens
> were actual human beings. They actually had faults and failings
> and made bad decisions at times. Big surprise!
> It’s a pity that we can’t all be as perfect as Chadband
> or as comfortable as the Veneerings.
> Seriously, what’s the big deal? Let the Dickens  “bashers”
> bash. The record on Charles Dickens speaks for itself.
> Give it a rest, please! After all, Hitler and Stalin
> probably liked their dogs and  gave money to the poor on occasion.
> We love Charles Dickens for  his generosity of spirit,
> his humanity, his afflicting of the too comfortable and his defense of
> the downtrodden not to mention his marvelous writings.
> If he had never written anything other than
> A Christmas Carol he did what he was placed on earth to do.
> If I ever get to Heaven I hope CD will greet me there.
> Ditto for Catherine.
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