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There will be a lot of glasses clinking around the world because of this
splendid discovery!
Hurrah for Jonathan Parrott!


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I know it’s not really done to post a forward to this list, but the news that Patrick Leary (whom many of us know) posted to the VICTORIA list earlier today bears re-posting, especially to this group. Please see below.

Friends of the Dickens Forum,

     Here, again, is a post that demands prompt sending.  Research hath
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From: Patrick Leary [mailto:[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>]

The annual conference of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP) in Ghent is just concluded, and it has been a wonderful experience -- splendid papers and plenary lectures in this glorious setting.  Today's biggest news, however, is this:  author and collector Jeremy Parrott revealed here for the first time his discovery of a "marked set" of All the Year Round.  That is to say, the set -- a hitherto unrecorded "deluxe edition" in scarlet binding -- has handwritten marginalia identifying (almost) all of the contributors by name, next to each one's contribution.  Almost 500 contributors of well over 2000 articles, stories, poems, are thus identified.  As if this were not exciting enough news, it appears at this point almost certain that these annotations are *in Dickens's own hand*.  Parrott believes, and he makes a persuasive case, that this was CD's personal set, probably kept in his office at the magazine's offices in Wellington Street.

Longtime VICTORIA member Paul Lewis, who has been in on the secret for months, will be posting more details of this astonishing find and writing about it on his Wilkie Collins blog. But just for fun, I thought I'd share the news here first.

Many thanks to all who put on this fine conference, particularly our hosts, Marysa Demoor and Marianne van Remoortel of the University of Ghent.  Look for news soon of next year's RSVP conference in Kansas City.

-- Patrick Leary

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