Friends of the Dickens Forum,

     This is dreadful,  The following message reached us too late to be 
usefully passed on to you. Fortunately there is a URL that will rescue 
the day.  It comes from our long-time
Dickens-Eller Karen Ellery.  Please excuse the small type-font.  We are 
using an unfamiliar computer:          (pjm)

Just a note to let you know that I've got another radio show coming up 
tomorrow morning, Sunday 12/20, at 10 am Central time (11 am Eastern/8 
am Pacific). It's an hour-long show called "Dickens & Christmas: Past, 
Present, & Future." I wrote it & will be reading it, along with y 
husband Kevin who will be performing readings from Dickens' work. Our 
friends Graham & Becca Leathers (Bardz at Large) will also be 
performing, giving us some live music & more readings. You can listen to 
iingornt online at . It's SUPPOSED to be up on the site 
for 2 weeks after it airs, just in case. Thanks & Happy Holidays!  -Karen