Friends of the Dickens Forum,

We remain gobsnatched at the ultra-remarkable persistency and devotion of Professor
John Jordan in following through the full round of yearly Dickens Project activities.  Here
he reports again, never mentioning such concerns as the strain on himself:         (pjm)

Subject: a successful winter conference at UC Davis

Honorable Dickensians:

I've just returned from the Dickens Project's graduate student conference at UC Davis and want to thank all those who contributed to making it a success, including our hosts, Kathleen Fredrickson and Liz Miller, and especially the graduate student organizer at Davis, Michael Martel, who did a splendid job of planning and coordinating the event.

18 papers of consistently high quality were presented by students from 13 different consortium schools. In addition to myself, faculty attending included LIz, Kathleen, and Parama Roy (all from Davis), Summer Star (SF State), Renee Fox (UCSC), and Carol Mackay (UT Austin).

Each student paper was reviewed in advance of the conference by a Dickens Project faculty member not from that student's campus, so eighteen different reviewers in all. Nearly every presenter mentioned how helpful the response was that she received from her Project reviewer. Clearly the system we have developed for reviewing papers is working. So I want to thank all the faculty who read and sent comments to the students. Although not always able to attend in person, these colleagues performed a valuable role in support of the Project's goal of graduate student development and professionalization.

Next year's conference will be held at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Ellen Rosenman will be our host.

Faithfully yours,

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