Friends of the Dickens Forum,

    John Varese of the Dickens Project, UCSC,  has involved himself enthusiastically in encouraging
the reading of Dickens among young people at school.  In the URL he  provides, we learn how the
teaching of *Dombey and Son* guided by a gifted teacher over several months resulted in
a bang-up success for students and teacher.

    We urge anyone interested in involving students in the reading of Dickens to read
John Varese's URL.                                                                  (pjm) 

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Patrick . . . here's an article that we published on the DP website today,
detailing our continued involvement and activity with the USC Neighborhood
Academic Initiative in Los Angeles. 
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 All best, Jon

*The Best of Timelines: Dickens Project and USC NAI connect South LA
students with Dombey and Son*