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     Thanks to Mitsu Matsuoka ([log in to unmask]), we have 
the URL
of a lecture on Dickens and Wordsworth .  Here are details:             

On 6/23/2016 7:38 PM, Mitsu Matsuoka wrote:
> Dear Dickensians,
> Japan Dickens Fellowship held its annual spring conference at Kindai 
> University, Osaka, on June 18. The conference contained three 
> lectures, the last of which was delivered by Professor David Chandler 
> (Doshisha University). The title of his lecture was "Some Features of 
> Wordsworthian Autobiography--and Some Dickensian Applications".  JDF 
> makes it a rule to video-tape all research talks, lectures, and 
> symposiums, to put them before the public via Web. Those interested in 
> David's lecture are invited to click here:
> This is a 205MB mp4 file. You might feel irritated if not in a 
> leading-edge high-speed Internet environment, but you could easily 
> download or stream it onto your smartphone or tablet.
> Mitsu Matsuoka, Nagoya University, Japan