Dear Colleagues,

It was Bob Newsom, not Bob Patten, who “said it all.” But Miriam’s right, we are all feeling a compounded loss. Of the wonderful colleague and friend Patrick was to so many, of the teacher to generations of students, of a charming, learned, modest, humorous, gentle participant at SHARP conferences in its formative years, and of the wise mentor who taught us to exchange informed, courteous, and concise messages for our Forum.

Right now I think many of us, in many countries and occupations, miss the presence of leaders who exemplify Patrick’s virtues. As Hilary movingly testifies, his influence lasts and humanizes us. We are richer for knowing him and a little poorer for losing him.

Patrick contributed greatly to making SHARP a world-wide congregation of friendly and excited professionals. May that spirit always prevail! And may I add my thanks to others, that Professor Reynolds has volunteered to maintain our Forum in Patrick’s memory and model.

Bob Patten

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> Bob Patten said it all. I too, mourn the loss of a wise & humane man.
> I would hope the List can continue. It will not be the same but if we can keep it going, it would be a
> tribute to Patrick.  I am grateful to Prof. Reynolds for stepping in to keep us all alive.
> Miriam Margolyes London.